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Outdoor Running Running-Socks Toe-Socks Trail Midweight Mini-Crew

Trail Midweight Mini-Crew

£15.66 (inc Vat)
You save 12%

£15.66 (inc Vat)
You save 12%
Outdoor Running Running-Socks Toe-Socks Trail Midweight Mini-Crew Injinji
Trail Midweight Mini-Crew

Perfect for fell running. Seriously durable and breathable and also super comfortable for those putting in the ultra- miles

£15.66 (inc Vat)
You save 12%
Outdoor Clothing Socks Running Womens Trail Midweight Mini-Crew Injinji
Womens Trail Midweight Mini-Crew

Womens trail running toe sock

£13.06 (inc Vat)
You save 12%
Outdoor Running Running-Socks Toe-Socks Run Original Weight Mini-Crew Injinji
Run Original Weight Mini-Crew

Prevent blisters, increase breathability and comfort whilst still supporting the foot

£11.32 (inc Vat)
You save 12%
Outdoor Running Running-Socks Toe-Socks Women's Run Light-Weight No-Show Injinji
Women's Run Light-Weight No-Show

Ladies fitting sock. Designed to be extremely lightweight, breathable and blister free for improved performance during your run.

Toe Socks

We stock Injinji toesocks as our main running sock brand as we feel that the beneifts of toe socks are so significant and most of our staff run in them as well. The key benefits are that toe socks provide your foot with improved blister prevention, moisture management and whole foot utilization over a normal sock. Wrapping each toe individually in sock means the reduction of toes rubbing together and thus less chance of blistering. Mositure is wicked from between your toes better meaning drier, comfier toes and less softening of the skin which also imporves blister prevention and prevents skin damage. The effect of splaying your toes slightly also means that you can use your foot more effectively as you will be more stable in your foot placement and can almost grip the terrain that you are crossing. All of these improvements make toesocks a must for ultra distance running and multi-day events such as the MDS.

Toesocks also work extremely with Vibram Five Fingers keeping your feet in better condition than going sockless and also keeping your toe shoes smelling and feeling fresher.

We love toesocks and stock a range of no-show socks and mini-crew socks in a vareity of weights for both road and trail running. We also stock a calf compression toesock.


Environmental Responsibility

As an outdoor retailer we're aware that our business relies on the manufacturing, transportation and consumption of gear and related products. In an attempt to reduce our environmental impact, we're making a concious effort to implement sustainable change throughout the business. See what our store is doing and what some of the brands we carry are doing to make a difference.
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Arc'teryx Promotion

In preparation for the forthcoming Autmn/Winter season we are having a temporary Arcteryx sale with clothing on offer between 33 and 43% off RRP and hardwear such as footwear, packs and harnessses at 15% off RRP and free postage on a number of products. Included are products in the Adahy, Aerios, Alpha, Atom, Beta, Fernie, Gamma, Konseal, Mantis, Oriel, Phase, Proton, Sabria, Sigma, Tolu and Zeta ranges.
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Lowe Alpine Altus 42:47 Rucksack Review

We've been testing out the new Lowe Alpine Altus 42:47 Rucksack over the last few months, have a read to see how it performed!
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