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GPS Running Watch or GPS Sports Tracker

The Tomtom Runner 3 is a GPS fitness watch that covers a number of sports, however its most popular use is as a GPS running watch. This running fitness watch gives you lots of technical data, this will help you improve your performance and increase your distance whilst exercising at a level you can cope with.

Tomtom has designed the Runner 3 series to all have the same basic great features. Those features are GPS tracking, 24/7 activity tracking, route exploration, goal setting, multi sport modes, race mode, interval training, social sharing, wireless syncing and finally water resistance to 40m / 130ft.

If you wish to have a music facility with in your watch, check out the Runner 3 Music, if you want a built in heart rate monitor check out the Runner 3 Cardio. While for both extra features check out the Runner 3 Cardio / Music.

The Tomtom Runner 3 comes in two different sizes, small which suits wrists of 125-172mm and large which is ideal for 145-206mm wrists. There are then two funky colours, the black and green which is available in both sizes or the pink and orange which is only available in the smaller size. The Runner 3 works from an integral rechargeable battery, this is easily charged from either a USB based wall socket, desk top PC or a lap top. The same USB lead will then also help the GPS watch connect to the Tomtom website to upload your exercise sessions so you can then analyse what you have done. It also features a Bluetooth facility so it can connect and give similar information via the Tomtom phone app.

The Runner 3 unit is easy to use and is very simple to operate via a single 4 sided button. Tomtom Runner 3 incorporates a number of different sports modes. These cover Running, Cycling, Swimming, Treadmills, Gym sessions and Indoor Cycling. There is then an additional mode called freestyle. Freestyle is an unallocated sport but it will track certain elements of the activity you are undertaking. For example if you went kayaking it would track duration and time.

Day to day and Week to week Fitness tracking

On the main button, with one click to the left, this will then give you your daily steps, daily calories burnt, distance covered  and duration of exercise. If you go two clicks to the left, it will give you the same data but for the current week.

Running Mode

To get into the start of the running mode, simply click one press to the right, select the running icon and then do a second click to the right. At this point the watch will then start to search for a GPS signal. However you still can scroll up to look at the last few run sessions you have done. If you scroll down you can then choose your training option, your splits option or your trails option. Once the GPS signal is achieved the watch beeps and off you set, remembering to press the button right. Once then in running mode the screen gives you average pace, distance and elapsed time.

One of the best areas of the Runner 3 in the running section is the race mode. This is great if your regularly running the same course. Having run your local route and stored it in t he history, next time you run it you can do it in race mode. In the race mode setting it will automatically time you against your last run, it will then give you a positive or negative response at set intervals. This response will state whether your ahead of or behind your last time splits. This then prompts you to speed up or slow down, whichever is the most applicable.

  • General Features
  • --------------------
  • 2 Colour options
  • - Black / Green
  • - Dark Pink / Orange
  • 2 Strap size options
  • - Small - 125-172mm
  • - Large - 145-206mm
  • Battery Lifetime
  • - Activity Tracking up to 3 weeks
  • - GPS - Up to 11 hours
  • --------------------
  • Main Screen Display
  • - Time
  • - Date
  • Available Sports Modes
  • - Running
  • - Cycling
  • - Swimming
  • - Treadmill
  • - Gym Session
  • - Indoor Cycling (Turbo Trainer)
  • - Freestyle (Limited info but will track a number of options)
  • - Stopwatch
  • --------------------
  • Day To Day Fitness Monitoring
  • - Daily steps
  • - Daily calories
  • - Daily distance covered
  • - Daily exercise time
  • --------------------


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