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Travel body wallet- RFiD protected

Designed to be worn hidden under your clothes, this is a great place to keep your cash for the day safe and undetected.

One of the great travelling tips a lot our customers go by, is to hide cash in different areas of your luggage and daily attire. The body wallet is a travel necessity if back packing or travelling through city's. It keeps your valuables invisible to pick pocketers and any tourist targeting groups with RFiD scanners. Other RFiD products can be used to make up your team of cash stashes with some locks and luggage wires to keep you and your valuables safe.

This hidden gem is a fawn coloured, low profile with RFiD security protection keeping you undetected. This slim and compact design has 1 main zip compartment (RFiD protected), 2 small zipped pockets.

Made with comfort in mind it is lightweight and soft, with a stretch fabric, fitted with an elasticated webbing belt to ensure a comfy and secure fit around the waist. There is also a soft, fast wicking nylon fabric back panel to ensure you don't get super sweaty when walking and travelling around.

How it works?
The waist wallet shields the contents from radio frequency identification (RFiD) readers by stopping the information being transmitted through the nickel and copper coated polyester fabric

How do I know my card is RFiD activated?
The symbol in the image shows that your card is RFiD activated:

Common ways information is obtained of RFiD activated products:

NOW the BIG question!!!! Do we REALLY need RFID protection?

If you look on the web long enough you will see plenty of opinions on this matter. But the basic facts and stats will help us show you why we think this is important.

Statistics from   £1,508.4m was spent in March 2016 alone, a whopping 249.9% increase over the year. That’s a significant increase in card use and RFID availability.

The availability of the scanners to commit fraud has also increased, they are available on some well-known websites to buy for as little as £30.

In the UK there is a limit spend currently (June 2016) for £30 in one transaction, but if you are abroad this is not the case. If you’re popping over the sea to Europe there isn’t a limit. Also when used in a foreign currency in the UK there is no limit currently (June 2016).

It’s also worth noting that with your passports and their new RFID signals to get an RFID protective travel case for them, please take a look in our related accessories for this.

The Lifeventure video below shows other RFiD products that are available:

  • Features:
  • Lightweight soft stretch fabric
  • 1 large zipped RFiD protected pocket
  • 2 zipped pockets
  • Elasticated webbing belt with slim-line buckles
  • Soft and fast wicking nylon fabric back panel
  • Secure closure
  • Accommodates 26-44” waists
  • Hip fins for comfort
  • Weight: 80g
  • Dimensions: 120 x 340mm


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