Beal Wall Master VI 10.5mm Unicore


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Wall Climbing Rope or 10.5mm Climbing Rope

The Beal Wall Master is a 10.5mm climbing rope that is designed for use on indoor climbing walls, This rope excels in this area as its exactly what it is designed for.

Beal has designed the Wall Master to be an exceptionally tough and durable wall climbing rope. The 10.5mm construction is made up of 47% sheath and the balance is the core. The Beal Wall Master is manufactured using the unique Beal Unicore process. The unicore process is when the outer sheath is bonded to the  inner core, with out affecting the suppleness of the climbing rope. The thicker than average sheath is soft to the touch and easy to handle.

Up and Under stock vast quantities of Beal Wall Master, we aim to have a number of 200m drums in stock in a variety of colours most of the time. We also keep a large working box of each colour, let us cut the rope for you to the exact lengths you require. It saves you having off cuts and we can also mark the ends for you.

  • General Features
  • --------------------
  • Thickness
  • - 10.5mm
  • Colour Options
  • - 3
  • - Orange
  • - Blue
  • - Violet
  • Impact Force
  • - 8.4kN
  • Number of Factor 1.77 falls
  • - 7
  • Weight per meter
  • - 71grams
  • --------------------


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