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Rope Marking Pen or Rope Ink

The Beal rope marker ink is a very simple and easy way of marking your climbing or caving rope with strategic markings to indicate your position on the rope.

Beal has specially designed this rope ink so it does not affect the technical aspect of the rope in any way. It will not add any extra stiffness, neither does it damage any of the fibres that the rope is constructed from. The rope is easy to mark due to the small handy roller, which is built into the bottle. There is enough rope ink in the bottle to make about 30 markings each about 5cm long. It is also highly durable so it will not wear off.

  • General Features
  • --------------------
  • Specially designed for use on technical ropes
  • - Formulated by Beal
  • - Does not damage the polyamide
  • - Does not increase stiffness of the rope
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Each bottle features a roller for ease of applying
  • Ink Contents
  • - Contains enough to make 30 rope marks each 5cm long
  • --------------------


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