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Camping >> Matches and Lighters

Sale - RRP £4.50 now only £3.15! These windproof matches will light in the foulest of co

Travel >> Comfort

RRP £12.50 now only £7.50! Graduated compression flight socks stimulate blood flow to im

Travel >> Comfort

RRP £12.50 now only £7.50! Graduated compression flight socks stimulate blood flow to im

Travel >> Emergency

Primarily used in emergencies as a signalling device, which lasts up to 15 hours. Great

A basic heat retaining survival bag for mountain use. Not as tough or as warm as the Mou

A foil space blanket that protects from the cold. This bag retains 90% of radiated body

A small metal whistle that is exceptionally loud. Ideal for use on the mountain and comp

Travel >> First Aid

The Life Systems Blister First Aid Kit is light and compact, with everything you need to

Reach for your obvious, handy Lifesystems Camping First Aid Kit for most accidents enco

Toothache in the middle of nowhere, or worse? This kit contains clove oil, temporary too

For all outdoor explorers that drather be outside than in, here is the First Aid kit tha

A zip bag for you to store your own first aid kit in.

Our smallest and lightest waterproof First Aid Kit, still carrying 34 items..

The Light & Dry Nano First Aid Kit by Lifesystems is a remarkably light kit containing 1

Light, waterproof and small packing First Aid kit for yourself and a friend.

All you need from your first aid kit if you are a mountaineer, committed trekker or are

Zip bag inc: antiseptic wipes, scissors, gloves, crepe, triangle bandage, various non-ad

The big daddy of first aid kits is designed for Group Leaders working with groups of up

First Aid Kit stuffed full of the items you need to carry for day walking and family day

For the adventurous, independent traveller for extended trips to remote locations by on

To ensure that you get sterile medical care this contains :-- 6 disposable needles, 5 di

A first aid kit containing:- woven & crepe bandages, care sheet, antiseptic wipes, sciss

The tough, waterproof drybag that houses this first aid kit combined with its contents a

Travel >> Insect Repellants

A spray that will provide relief from insect bites and stings that would make a perfect

Lifesystems Bite & Sting Relief is an effective solution for those who are unfortunate e

This little device uses a piezo-electric pulse to reduce irritation and is really effect

Lifesystems EX4 Anti-Mosquito spray can be used on a variety of materials and textiles i

Life Systems Expedition 100+ contains 95% DEET for protection against Mosquitos, Midges

Expedition 50+ range contains a dual action formula which combines natural pyrethroids w

The Expedition Endurance is the longest lasting repellent available, lasting up to 12 ho

Perfect for more sensitive skin thanks to a DEET free based repellent of 20% Saltidin

Insect Repellent Spray without deet. Contains the active ingredient Saltidin which is pr

Sale - RRP £8.50 now only £5.95! Each Fumer produces an insecticidal smoke that kills an

The perfect insect repellent for travelling around the UK or Scandinavia.

A light weight travel insect repellent. Ideal if you need a little extra protection whil

Life Systems Natural Plus 30+ insect repellent is formulated from a blend of natural pla

Helps reduce the danger and annoyance of mosquito bites at night. Supplied with 40 table

The Portable Killer is a battery powered insect killer unit that slowly propels an odour

The Portable Mosquito Killer Unit is a battery powered insect killer that emits a scent

More tablets for the Plug In Mosquito killer.

This really useful gadget makes tick extraction simple and easy. Why remove ticks? Becau

Travel >> Mosquito Nets

Bed bug protection undersheet will stop bed bugs from interfearing with your sleep. A gr

The Lifesystems BoxNet provides maximum space within using a 4-point hanging system.

Covers a double bed to protect from bugs. Perfect for any traveler or holiday in high ri

Lifesystems' EX8 liquid mosquito net treatment acts as a second barrier for Mosquitoes,

A compact mosquito net pack size impregnated with insect repellent.

Will keep your head, face and neck protected from annoying, biting insects.

They always say if you want to get ahead get a hat, well if you don't want to get it on

Great piece of kit if you use your net frequentley

Provides single Bed Protection from mosquito in high malaria risk areas

Travel >> Personal Hygiene

Bed bug protection undersheet will stop bed bugs from interfearing with your sleep. A gr

Travel >> Skin Protection

An extremely convenient lip balm with factor 20 UV protection designed to prevent dry an

New and improved suncream to keep you safe on your adventures. Great at the beach, catch

Provides SPF 50 Sun Protection. Perfect for adventures at High Altitude

Lifesystems Mountain Suncream Combi | sale - rrp £7.50 now only £5.25!

Travel >> Water Treatment

This is the safest and most effective water disinfectant available and will kill bacteri

Kills bacteria, viruses & cysts in water including Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Chlorine

More suitable for long term use than iodine, chlorine will kill pathogenic organisms but


Equipment >> Safety and Rescue

Primarily used in emergencies as a signalling device, which lasts up to 15 hours. Great

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Macpac is Back!

It's been a decade since we've stocked New Zealand's Macpac brand, but we've decided to bring them back and with good reason...
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Running, Walking and Crawling with Ben Wernick 2018

Keen trail runner Ben Wernick has run three ultra races with Run, Walk, Crawl to help raise money for a cause that's close to his heart...
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Walking The Brecon Beacons Buy and Talk Day

We are delighted to invite all members of Walking the Brecon Beacons Facebook group on May 3rd to a jam-packed day full of talks from Up and Under staff and WTBB guru and renowned International Mountain Leader, Alan Ward. If that's not enough to "peak" your interested - see what I did there - from 12-8pm you can benefit from special discounts and get the opportunity to quiz Alan after 2pm on anything from trekking and travelling through countries such as Nepal, India, Morocco, Indonesia, Peru, Chile and China, to Mountain Training and National Navigation Award Scheme training courses.
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