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Camping >> Bothy Bags

This is very similar in spec to the Terra Nova bothies but with lighter weight nylon. Th

This is very similar in spec to the Terra Nova bothies but with lighter weight nylon. Th

The largest bothy that Vango do and very useful for groups . A tight fit for eight adult

Camping >> Cookware

Camping >> Fuel

Vango Bio-Ethanol Spirit

Fuel 4 Bio-ethanol Gel Fuel is designed and recommended for Spirit Burners such as Trang

Vango Fuel 4 Bio-ethanol Gel Fuel re-fill re-fills Fuel 4 Gel Pouches and is designed an

Camping >> Sleeping Mats

A comfortable, lightweight, durable camping mat for day-to-day use and on hikes, treks,

Camping >> Stoves

Great for camping, hiking and Duke of Edinburgh. It boils 1 Litre of water in 4 minutes

Compact, Portable Sotve, Perfect for hiking, trekking, camping, backpacking and completi

Camping >> Tents

Footwear >> Walking Boots

Hiking/ Walking Boot, perfect for Duke of Edinburgh or Scouts hikes. Fitted with a Prote

Hiking, Walking Boot- Duke of Edinburgh and Scouts. Fitted with a waterproof membrane th

Sacks and Bags >> Day Sacks

Rucksack, Backpack, Daysack, Bag for Hiking, Walking, Trekking. A smaller size so better

Rucksack, backpack, day sack with air force back system increases the breathability. Sup

Up and Under BLOG

Freya Hoffmeister: How to be a Doer

World-renowned ocean kayaker, Freya Hoffmeister, is coming to Up and Under on the 13th February to give a talk on her adventures circumnavigating South America. We asked Freya what drives her to take on such daring challenges and how we can be inspired to do the same...
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Never Too Old To Learn

You never will know everything in the mountains, and the knowledge we have must be practised or will be forgotten. #teamupandunder member Mark Aston helps lead a navigation exercise with the local trail running club, and tells how, even when leading, you can always learn something.
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Patagonia Sample Sale

Patagonia Sample Sale with all proceeds going to the Cam and Bear Fund for Adventure in memory of Up and Under and Patagonia staff member and friend Andrew Foster. Thursday 22nd February 2018 12:00-20:00. Providing huge savings on Patagonia Fall 2017 product and supporting a great charity.
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