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Saltrock 37" Bodyboard

Body Boards or Body Boarding

  • EPS Core.
  • EVA Outer.
  • HDPE Slick Bottom.


Saltrock Childs Changing Towel

Do you have Children? Are you going to the Beach? Do you take them kayaking? If so why not think about getting them a Saltrock Changing Towel. It is the perfect answer for when they have to get changed in and out of their wetsuit in public places. Is features a large front pocket for storage and also a hood. The hood really does make it nice and cosy if they get a bit cold. Afterall you dont want up upset kid do you... Available in a selection of snazzy colours which means you can justify having two of them...

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Saltrock 41" Bodyboard

A 41" body board that is ideal for adults. This is guaranteed to give great levels of fun and will be an ideal board to get you into the sport. The board features an EPS core and an EVA outer. The bottom of the board is an HDPE slick. This will help to give greater levels of performance. In the event that you fall off, there is a leash attachment on the front of the board in the centre so you can secure yourself to the board. This will prevent it from carrying on with out you! Body boarding is a great way to spend the sunny hot summer...

Saltrock Ripper Surfboard

RRP £80.00 Now £59.90 - The Saltrock Ripper is an entry-level surfboard that is ideal for leaning the basic skills of surfing; it is ideal for children and smaller adults. It features a XPE foam soft deck and this will help to prevent injury in the event of falling off. The bottom of the board is made of HDPE and it has a slick finish for enhanced levels of performance while the core of the board is then made of EPS. Towards the rear of the board there are holes that make it possible to fit three fins, which come supplied with the board. There is also a rear anchor point for an ankle leash.

Saltrock Floater Surfboard

The Saltrock Floater is an entry level surfboard that is idea for learning all the basic skills of surfing. It features a XPE foam deck that is nice and soft so you wont injure yourself if you come off. It then has an EPS core and a HDPE slick bottom for enhanced performance. Towards the rear of the board there are then three mounting points that are for a set of fins. The fins then come supplied with the board. In the event that you do fall off there is also an ankle leash anchor point, again this is located at the rear of the board.


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