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Buoyancy Aids Products

£153.40 (inc Vat)
You save 8%
Watersports Clothing Buoyancy-Aids Sea-and-Touring Greenburg Yak

The Yak Greenburg is a top end touring and sea kayaking buoyancy aid, with many pockets for carrying all your essential equipment such as whistle, VHF, PLB and flares, as well as a large rear hydration reservoi...

£151.94 (inc Vat)
You save 13%
Watersports Clothing Buoyancy-Aids White-Water Extrem Palm

The Palm Extrem is a top end PFD that is ideal for white water kayaking. The design of the Extrem is based around a 3D cut and it is easily accessed through the front opening system. Palm have packed the extram...

£151.94 (inc Vat)
You save 13%
Watersports Clothing Buoyancy-Aids White-Water Extrem Womens Palm
Extrem Womens

The Palm Extrem Womens is a high specification womens white water PFD from the Palm Equipment 'Gear for Women' Range. It features a velcro front opening that's held together by four 25mm buckles, making it easy...

£150.54 (inc Vat)
You save 8%
Watersports Clothing Buoyancy-Aids White-Water Hallertau Yak

The Yak Hallertau, a top end whitewater buoyancy aid that's packed with lots of features. Yak has designed the Hallertau to be easy to get on and off. The access is via a zip front. The PFD offers good levels o...

£134.58 (inc Vat)
You save 13%
Watersports Clothing Buoyancy-Aids White-Water Amp Palm

The Palm Amp is a top specification PFD that is ideal for white water kayaking. It is based around an over the head design. The main design feature of the amp is the 3 dimensional cut for an enhanced fit. The o...

£120.32 (inc Vat)
You save 13%
Watersports Clothing Buoyancy-Aids White-Water River Guide Peak UK
River Guide

The Peak UK River Guide is a great PFD for white water kayaking. With a design heritage that goes back to the London 2012 Olympic games, this has a great performance cut. This PFD is easily put on over the head...

£112.87 (inc Vat)
You save 13%
Watersports Clothing Buoyancy-Aids White-Water FXr Palm

The Palm FXr is a PFD for white water kayaking. This kayaking PFD is particularly well suited towards white water and also water rescue. The Palm FXr features an over the head design. When on the paddlers torso...

£111.67 (inc Vat)
You save 13%
Watersports Clothing Buoyancy-Aids Sea-and-Touring Explorer Zip Peak UK
Explorer Zip

The Peak UK Explorer Zip is a PFD for Sea Kayaking. This kayak touring PFD features the same design platform, that was used by the UK athletes in the London 2012 Olympics Canoe Slalom Team. The Explorer Zip is ...

Special Offer £109.95 (inc Vat)
You save 31%
Watersports Clothing Buoyancy-Aids Sea-and-Touring Kaikoura Palm

A high specification buoyancy aid that is ideal for expedition touring and sea kayaking. Access to this is through a zip front and it is then fully loaded with lots of features such as multiple zip pockets anch...

£103.01 (inc Vat)
You save 13%
Watersports Clothing Buoyancy-Aids White-Water River Runner Peak UK
River Runner

The Peak UK River Runner is a great white water kayaking buoyancy aid. With a design heritage that dates to the London Olympics in 2012, this has the same design platform as the kayak slalom PFDs that were used...

£95.50 (inc Vat)
You save 13%
Watersports Clothing Buoyancy-Aids Sea-and-Touring Peyto Palm

The Palm Peyto is a well designed jacket style touring BA. 3 laege pocket, handwarmers and soft comfortable foam make the Peyto a quality, all-season, PFD.

£95.50 (inc Vat)
You save 13%
Watersports Clothing Buoyancy-Aids Sea-and-Touring Peyto Women's Palm
Peyto Women's

The Palm Peyto Women's is a great PFD for sea kayaking. Featuring a ladies specific cut this buoyancy aid has plenty of storage. The foam that is used in this ladies PFD is soft and supple, this ensures that it...

Buoyancy Aid or Life Jacket?

What's the difference between a life jacket and a buoyancy aid? A life jacket will turn an unconscious swimmer on their back to keep their mouth and nose out of the water. The downside is that a life jacket will not allow a conscious swimmer to swim on their front. A buoyancy aid will not turn the wearer face up, but its primary purpose is to support a conscious swimmer and make it easy for the wearer to swim in a normal and powerful fashion when required (like when you've really got to make that eddy!). They also provide some welcome body armour on certain trips!

We do stock a range of life jackets, which we recommend for use by people who may have trouble swimming. They are also suitable for sailing, and we have models for children and babies.

For those of you who would like to take your four legged friends out on the water, check out our range of Pet Buoyancy Aids.

Which Buoyancy Aid?

This is answered by the type of paddling that you are doing, features you are looking for and budget.

Some buoyancy aids come with a zip down the front, while others are pulled on over the head. Features to look for include pockets, knife/lash tabs, and adjustment straps for a perfect fit. More advanced paddlers will also want to consider chest harnesses.

For newcomers to the sport, who want a basic entry level buoyancy aid with a zip front for easy entry and release, we suggest looking at the recreational category. Options include the Palm Rec Universal (our only universally sized buoyancy aid, it will fit almost all adults) or Yak Kallista Legacy (with tailored sizing and a waist strap for improved fit). Both of these come in a kid-sized version as well. For something with pockets as well, try the Palm Hydro.

If you know the type of boating that you are doing, then you will find the right choice for you in that section. Intermedate River paddlers will find the Palm FX and Peak UK River Vest to be excellent options, More advanced offerings include the Peak UK River Guide, Peak UK River Runner, Palm Extrem, Palm Amp and Palm FXr, .For playboaters who want to get maximum movement for ripping it up at their local playspot, such as the Cardiff International White Water Centre, we suggest you look at the more compact style buoyancy aids, such the Yak Gallena or Palm FX

There are several styles of buoyancy aid on offer that are suitable for sea and touring use. They all tend to be front opening jacket style, and as you pay more you get more pockets, pockets within pockets, hand warming areas and hydration pouch capabilities. Yak Kallista Legecy's make great introductory buoyancy aids for touring and OC, with the Yak Xipe being a nice intermediate option. The more advance paddler, whether OC touring or sea touring, would be silly not the look at the Peak UK Explorer Zip or the mighty Palm Kaikoura. If you like vest style buoyancy aids you're also catered for with the Peak UK Adventure Vest.

Check out our range of buoyancy aid-compatible hydration systems, too!

For polo players we have the Peak UK Polo Vest, which we can get made to order in your team colours. Slalom paddlers are also looked after with the Racer Pro and Racer Custom from Peak UK.

If you are looking for buoyancy aids for outdoor centre or group work we have a range of Centre Buoyancy Aids. Centre Spec buoyancy aids need to be durable and easy to adjust. They all have clean simple lines, do not offer options of pockets and also come in bright colours for easy recognition and safety.


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