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Competition Products

£232.42 (inc Vat)
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Watersports Competition Topdecks-and-Canoe-Cags Topdecks Racer ST Long Peak UK
Racer ST Long

£215.14 (inc Vat)
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Watersports Competition Topdecks-and-Canoe-Cags Topdecks Racer ST Short Peak UK
Racer ST Short

£85.54 (inc Vat)
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Watersports Competition Buoyancy-Aids Racing-PFD Marathon Racer Vest Peak UK
Marathon Racer Vest

The Peak UK Marathon Racer Vest is a great PFD for Sprint kayaking or where you want one of the lightest PFDs available. This kayak racing PFD features an overhead design to keep the weight low. It incorporates...

Special Offer £54.00 (inc Vat)
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Watersports Competition Buoyancy-Aids Slalom-PFD Racer Pro Peak UK
Racer Pro

The Peak UK Racer Pro is a low profile high performance buoyancy air. This competition buoyancy aid is ideal for canoe slalom,freestyle kayaking and also white water racing. This has a simple design which incor...

£36.00 (inc Vat)
Watersports Competition Buoyancy-Aids Polo-PFD Polo Custom Peak UK
Polo Custom

The Peak UK Polo Custom is the top end option for canoe polo PFDs. They are made to order and you get to choose exactly what’s on them! They start life as a basic template that's plain white in colour. You then...

£34.70 (inc Vat)
You save 13%
Watersports Competition Buoyancy-Aids Dragon-Boat-Racing Dragon Palm

The Palm Dragon a low profile buoyancy aid that has lots of freedom of movement. Designed for use in the sport of Dragon Boat racing, this is a great basic entry level option; it’s equally at home for use in a ...

Buoyancy Aid or Life Jacket?

What's the difference between a life jacket and a buoyancy aid? Both are PFD's (Personal Flotation Devices), but a life jacket will turn an unconscious swimmer on their back to keep their mouth and nose out of the water. The downside is that a life jacket makes it much harder for a  conscious swimmer to swim on their front. A buoyancy aid will not turn the wearer face up, but its primary purpose is to support a conscious swimmer and make it easy for the wearer to swim in a normal and powerful fashion when required (like when you've really got to make that eddy!). They also provide some welcome body armour on certain trips!

We do stock a range of life jackets, which we recommend for use by people who may have trouble swimming. They are also suitable for sailing, and we have models for children and babies.

For those of you who would like to take your four legged friends out on the water, check out our range of Pet Buoyancy Aids.

Which Buoyancy Aid?

Competitive Buoyancy Aids need to comply with the rules and regulations set down by the governing bodies, such as the ICF.

For Canoe Polo, the BA's need to be reversible, with different colours either side. The foam also needs to be a minium thickness and height on the paddler, and extend around the side of the torso.


A very sad day for Up and Under

Please read the attached for our statement about the loss of our friend. Includes link to Cam and Bear Fund for Adventure in Andy Foster's memory.
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February Staff Newsletter

February was a busy month in the shop. As well as a number of reps coming to see us, and a number of visits to make, we also attended the Run, Walk, Crawl Brecon to Cardiff Ultra, and hosted a climbing shoe demo with Tenaya at local bouldering wall Spot Climbing. We still managed to get out, and members of Team Up and Under could be found in many parts of the UK; including in the Brecon Beacons, the Lakes, South Downs, Scotland, as well as further afield in Chamonix and George L still in Thailand.
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January Staff Newsletter

January saw us starting to get into the swing of things again. A little snow saw many of the team in the Beacons, as well as further afield with trips to the Peak District, Cheddar Gorge and Pembrokeshire all squeezed in. New Years day allowed few of us to get out (even if the weather wasn't great in South Wales) but a number were in still Snowdonia and elsewhere where it was a little nicer.
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