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Yak Quest

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Yak Paddling Equipment or Canoe Cag

The Yak Quest is a lightweight recreational canoe cag. It is ideal for to use while paddling sit on top kayaks such as the Tootega Pulse and also recreational boats such as the Venture Kayaks Flex

Yak have designed the Quest paddle top to be highly versatile and easy to use. It features an adjustable neck, adjustable wrists and then it incorporates an elasticated waist. They have also maximised the levels of performance on this cag by ensuring that the seams throughout the top are fully taped. They have then used a breathable  material in the construction process. To make sure that the cag is comfy to wear over your rashvest they have then included a mesh drop liner. The arms have also been cut to include an articulated cut so that you do not suffer from any restriction while paddling.

  • Elasticated Waist.
  • Adjustable Wrists.
  • Adjustabel Neck.
  • Articulated Arms.
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Drop Lined for Comfort.


Palm Universal

The Palm Universal is a basic entry level PFD that is ideal for adults and children. The adults will generally fit the majority of paddlers due to the vast amounts of adjustment. There are then two smaller sizes that are also part of the Palm Equipment Gear for Kids range. The XS/S is the smaller and this features two adjustable crutch straps (in yellow) While the M/L is the bigger and this features a single crutch strap (in red) Regardless of the size they all have adjustable shoulders and side compression straps.

Yak Kontour

A stylish lighweight side cut kayaking helmet. Manufactured from ABS plastic and then lined with a high density foam. It also incorportaes an adjustable cradle that will keep it sitting correctly. It is ideal for introductory kayaking, basic white water and also gentle coastal explortaion on a sit on top kayak. It is available in two different sizes, it then also comes supplied with a thin strip of extra foam that is easily attached to get the perfect fit. It is available in a selection of colours so that you can get stylish match to suit your current line up of paddling kit.

Yak Kallista Legacy

The Yak Kallista is a fully adjustable buoyancy aid that is ideal for use with sit on top kayaks and Canadian canoes. It is easy to get on and off due to the front zip access. At the base of the jacket on each side there is tension strap to make sure it stays located in the correct position. There is then a large chest belt that helps to offer a snug secure fit. The adjustable shoulders that will help the PFD contour to the upper part of the torso to maintain the fit. Also designed into the PFD are two small pockets for storage.

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Yak Strobe

** Sale Item ** The Yak Strobe is a very popular mid range paddle top that is ideal for use with touring kayaks and sit on top kayaks. It is also ideal for entry level summer time white water paddling. It is very easy to get on due to the adjustable neck, wrists and waist seals. On the front of the cag there is then a zipped pocket that also incorporates a sewn in d ring that is ideal for securing items to.

Yak Adventure

** Sale Item ** - A good spring-autumn touring cag. Ideal for use on sit on tops and recreational touring kayaks.

Palm Aegean

** Sale Item ** A highly versatile paddling cag that is ideal for canoeing, kayaking, touring and also sit on top paddling. This features a pair of simple cone wrists and an adjustable neck that also has a zip up collar for added protetion from the elements. There is a basic waist that then has a zip on either side, behind each zip there is then a gusset that helps to make it more watertight. On the front of the garment there is a kangaroo pocket that is perfect for further storage or if you are stood round you can use it as a pcoket for your hands. Finally in the collar of the garment there is a rollaway hood.


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