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Recreation Products

£78.47 (inc Vat)
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Watersports Clothing Canoe-Cags Recreation Vector Women's Palm
Vector Women's

Protection from the elements with minimal bulk the Vector is a great first paddle jacket, lightweight and functional, suitable for a wide range of watersport activities, including kayaking, canoeing and sailing...

£78.47 (inc Vat)
You save 12%
Watersports Clothing Canoe-Cags Recreation Vector Jacket Palm
Vector Jacket

Special Offer £52.50 (inc Vat)
You save 27%
Watersports Clothing Canoe-Cags Recreation Sumit Cag Yak
Sumit Cag

The Yak Sumit Cag is an adult cag. It provides a great protection and features a front pocket, an adjustable wrist cuff and an adjustable single neoprene waistband.

£39.23 (inc Vat)
You save 12%
Watersports Clothing Canoe-Cags Recreation Vector Kid's Jacket Palm
Vector Kid's Jacket

Special Offer £34.90 (inc Vat)
You save 30%
Watersports Clothing Canoe-Cags Recreation Pro Kidz Peak UK
Pro Kidz

The Peak UK Pro Kidz is a childrens cagoule for watersports use. It uses Velcro Adjustable neoprene seals at aneck and wrists, with an elasticated drawcord waist.

£31.38 (inc Vat)
You save 12%
Watersports Clothing Canoe-Cags Recreation Pop Palm

The Palm Popular is a basic entry level-paddling jacket, ideal for the occasional paddler. Made from a PU coated 210D nylon, with elasticated waist, adjustable neoprene neck and conical neoprene wrists seals.

Recreational and Entry Level Cags

These cags are generally lightweight, and used to keep out the wind and worst of the spray and water. They'll be breathable, but as you spend more the breathability will increase, and generally the durability as well, as the fabrics get heavier.

Depending on where you're expecting to go with your paddling, there'll be different types of seals on offer. If it's primarily for river use, think of a tight neoprene seal (although velcro adjustable much better for flatwater rivers). These may have nonadjustable cuff as well, and may even have a twin waist seal that is used in conjuction with a spray deck.

For touring and general sit on top use, then an adjustable velcro seal is perfect, pull it tight if its cold, or open when its warm or your working hard. Wrist seals will be adjustable velcro, and there'll be a single ajustable waist, whether elasticated or velcro.

If you want more protection, have a look at the selections on offer in Whitewater Cags and Sea and Touring Cags


Environmental Responsibility

As an outdoor retailer we're aware that our business relies on the manufacturing, transportation and consumption of gear and related products. In an attempt to reduce our environmental impact, we're making a concious effort to implement sustainable change throughout the business. See what our store is doing and what some of the brands we carry are doing to make a difference.
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Sweet Promotion

Temporary overstock promotion on Sweet Protection helmets, get in quick before they go back to normal price! Sweet helmet sale includes Sweet Rocker, Rocker Fullface, Sweet Strutter and Sweet Wanderer with savings between 19 and 26% off RRP.
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Sweet Protection - The Iconic Logo!

Sweet Protection has had a classic logo since the launch of the Strutter all that time ago back in 1997. The Sweet Kayak helmet brand is well known for that big shiny "S". Sadly, this year it is going to change.
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