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Kayaking Dry Cag or Canoeing Dry Cag

The Palm Atom is a top end dry cag that is ideal for white water kayaking, kayak surfing and playboating. When worn in conjunction with the Palm Sidewinder Bib or the sidewinder pant it will also make a versatile two piece drysuit.

For the female paddlers who like the sound of the Palm Atom, have a look at the Palm Aqua! The Aqua Paddle top is generally the same cag but it is part of the Palm Equipment Gear for Women range.

Chris C    "I have been using this jacket for over a year. It gets used and abused every day of the week and it is still in good shape. It keeps me dry, its comfy and a great fit. Highly recommended to all whitewater paddlers."

Palm Equipment has packed lots of features into the Atom to make it one of the leading paddle tops in the market place including the use of super durable XP3 layer fabric. Some of the features that are included are a latex neck that then has an adjustable neoprene outer neck. A set of latex wrists that then also incorporates an adjustable neoprene outer cuff. On both the neck and wrists between the latex and the neoprene there is then a small amount of detailing of reflective laser cut holes, these will then offer the required drainage to prevent the water from collecting in between the two sets of seals. While the reflective element of it will give enhanced visibility for those nighttime paddling sessions. The Atom then also features a double waist system that is ideal for creating a good seal between the canoe cag and your spraydeck. The inner layer of the double seal has also had a sticky edge that will help to keep the Cag correctly positioned on the paddlers torso. The outer layer of the waist system is constructed from neoprene and includes a dual sided tension system that will then enhance the performance of the seal.

The Palm Atom has also been designed to have a fully articulated cut that also includes prebent arms. This will ensure that when you are in the paddling position the balance of fabric on the torso is correct. Simply this means that on a bent arm, there is less fabric on the inside of the bend and more on the outside. This will really then maximise the manoeuvrability that is available. On the rear of the prebent arm panels you will find that these have been reinforced with Kevlar. Starting at the wrists and then continuing to run up the back of the arms, there is also some reflective piping that as well as adding additional style to the top it will double up and offer better visibility for your night time paddling and enhanced photo shots. 

While the Atom paddle top will offer you lots of protection from the water and weather, it will not provide any warmth. You will need to look at items such as the Peak UK Thermal Rashy or the Nookie Thermal Base L/S to achieve the warmth. You may then want to look at keeping  the bottom half of you dry, for this we would suggst that you look at some canoe pants such as the Palm Sidewinder Bib as these are ideal for winter paddling with the addition of the Nookie Thermal Base Pants. However for summer time paddling trips to the alps where keeping dry is not such an issue you may wish to look at the Palm Gradient Short.

  • Latex Neck Seal.
  • Adjustable Neoprene Neck Seal.
  • Latex Wrist Seals.
  • Adjustable Neoprene Neck Seal.
  • Double Waist System
  • Waist Tension Straps.
  • Laser Cut Drain holes on the neck.
  • Laser Cut Drain holes on the wrists.
  • Kevlar Reinforced Elbows.
  • Reflective Piping on the arms.


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