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Equipment Products

£3,162.00 (inc Vat)
Watersports Equipment Trailers Canoe Trailer Bateson Trailers
Canoe Trailer

A Heavy duty Galvanised steel trailer, that can carry up to 8 open boats or 24 kayaks.

£291.73 (inc Vat)
Watersports Equipment Safety-and-Rescue VHF-Radios M93D Handheld VHF Icom
M93D Handheld VHF

£265.37 (inc Vat)
Watersports Sea-and-Touring Safety-and-Rescue Personal-Locator-Beacons PLB1 Ocean Signal

The Ocean Signal Rescueme PLB1 is a small compact personal locator beacon. It is ideal for people who seek adventure and adrenaline rushes in remote areas. This Rescueme PLB comes with a 7 year battery life and...

£218.81 (inc Vat)
Watersports Equipment Safety-and-Rescue VHF-Radios M35 Handheld VHF Icom
M35 Handheld VHF

The buoyant IC-M35 is the latest in Icom's line-up of rugged marine handheld transceivers and comes with a great new feature that all boat users will love - Clear Audio Boost!

£160.45 (inc Vat)
Watersports Equipment Safety-and-Rescue VHF-Radios M25 Handheld VHF Icom
M25 Handheld VHF

£122.28 (inc Vat)
Watersports Equipment Trollies C-Tug Kayak Trolley with SandTrakz Wheels C-Tug
C-Tug Kayak Trolley with SandTrakz Wheels

The C-Tug Canadian Canoe Portage trolley is great on multi day expeditions. It has a big 80kg carrying capacity and is engineered for the toughest possible use. This C-Tug portage trolley features the new SandT...

£108.17 (inc Vat)
Watersports Equipment Trollies C-Tug Kayak Trolley with Sandhopper Wheels C-Tug
C-Tug Kayak Trolley with Sandhopper Wheels

The C-Tug kayak portage trolley is ideal for getting your Canadian Canoe or Sit on top kayak to the water’s edge. Featuring the puncture proof sandhopper wheels this is a well-engineered trolley that is tough a...

£100.73 (inc Vat)
You save 8%
Watersports Equipment Trollies Beach Rolly Eckla
Beach Rolly

The Eckla beach rolly is the essential must have for all family beach holidays. This folding beach trolley is ideal for taking all you need from the car to your chosen location on your favourite beach. When you...

£91.57 (inc Vat)
You save 8%
Watersports Equipment Trollies Canoe Canoe Trolley & Stand Large Explorer 260 Eckla
Canoe Trolley & Stand Large Explorer 260

The Eckla Explorer 260, a larger style canoe portage trailer. This canoe portage trolley is great for larger wider open canoes. It features a three part frame with a built in loading leg. The wheels are easy to...

£89.95 (inc Vat)
Watersports Sea-and-Touring Safety-and-Rescue Flares EDF1 Ocean Signal

The Ocean Signal EDF1 electronic distress flare features a full 360 degree display that is also visible up to 7 miles away. Being powered by a Lithium primary battery this will run for a good 6 hours, its desig...

£82.40 (inc Vat)
You save 8%
Watersports Equipment Trollies Canoe Canoe Trolley & Stand Canyon 260 Eckla
Canoe Trolley & Stand Canyon 260

The Eckla Canyon 260 canoe portage trolley, this is ideal for use on multi day canoe trips. This canoe trolley features a 3 part from that is made from a high quality alloy. It is lightweight yet still fairly r...

£80.12 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Watersports Sea-and-Touring Safety-and-Rescue Towlines Sea Guide Towline Whetman Equipment
Sea Guide Towline

The Whetman Sea Guide towline is a kayak tow line system that has been designed with one thought... it’s easy to use! This sea kayak towline has a twin towing system, the main towline is 14m long and the second...

Kayak Equipment and Canoe Equipment

Welcome to paddling hardwear, where you'll find your every wet need catered for - whether you're a dedicated river runner, sea kayaker or openboater.

This Equipment section covers all you need to make your paddling experience more enjoyable, from straps to keep your boat on the roof rack, trolleys to get to the water or containers to keep your stuff dry while participating in your favourite activity.

If you need clothing, or equipment to go about your person (including buoyancy aids and helmets), then you need our Clothing section, which will give you all the choice you ever need. If you want advice on boats, or just to have a browse, you'll find all you need to know in your chosen section - Fishing, Kayaking, Open Canoeing, Polo, Sea and Touring or Sit on Tops.

Did you know we also have a wide selection of Canoe and Kayak DVDs? These can be found under Books and DVDs, where you'll find river guides, technique manuals and more.


February Staff Newsletter

February was a busy month in the shop. As well as a number of reps coming to see us, and a number of visits to make, we also attended the Run, Walk, Crawl Brecon to Cardiff Ultra, and hosted a climbing shoe demo with Tenaya at local bouldering wall Spot Climbing. We still managed to get out, and members of Team Up and Under could be found in many parts of the UK; including in the Brecon Beacons, the Lakes, South Downs, Scotland, as well as further afield in Chamonix and George L still in Thailand.
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January Staff Newsletter

January saw us starting to get into the swing of things again. A little snow saw many of the team in the Beacons, as well as further afield with trips to the Peak District, Cheddar Gorge and Pembrokeshire all squeezed in. New Years day allowed few of us to get out (even if the weather wasn't great in South Wales) but a number were in still Snowdonia and elsewhere where it was a little nicer.
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The Palm FX is a low profile PFD designed for primarily river use and freestyle kayaking, but is equally at home on the sea and kayak surfing. Check out our video highlighting the features of this great BA here.
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