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£15.72 (inc Vat)
You save 12%
Watersports Equipment Safety-and-Rescue Knives River Knife Peak UK
River Knife

The Peak UK River Knife is a 12cm Folding blade knife, which will fit into most BA pockets. The Stainless Steel blade locks in the open position, while its highly visible red rubber handle, is ergonomic and won...

£14.24 (inc Vat)
You save 11%
Watersports Equipment Knives Rigger Knife Whetman Equipment
Rigger Knife

The Whetman Rigger rescue knife a great piece of equipment to have in your kayak safety kit. This kayak safety knife features semi serrated and semi smooth blade giving the best of both works. The blade is stor...

£14.20 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Watersports Equipment Knives Safety Rescue Lock Knife - Blunt Whitby
Safety Rescue Lock Knife - Blunt

A safety rescue knife that features a teflon coated blade. This is ideal for canoeing and kayaking as part of your rescue kit.

£14.20 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Watersports Equipment Knives Safety Rescue Lock Knife Whitby
Safety Rescue Lock Knife

The Whitby Safety Rescue Knife is perfect for sports such as canoeing and kayaking. It is also ideal as a general pocket knife where you want a sharp reliable blade, maybe also useful for sports such as climbin...

£13.08 (inc Vat)
You save 12%
Watersports Equipment Knives Folding Knife Palm
Folding Knife

The Palm Folding knife, a small compact river knife that's ideal for white water kayaking. Perfect for storing in the pocket of your PFD. Featuring a textured handle that's made from glass fibre reinforced nylo...

£8.86 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Watersports Equipment Knives Rescue Rope Cutter Whitby
Rescue Rope Cutter

Protected blade that cuts through webbing and rope in an emergency

£6.37 (inc Vat)
You save 12%
Watersports Equipment Knives Folding Saw Robens
Folding Saw

Light & Compact folding saw

Every trip leader and experienced paddler should carry a knife. Lines and ropes can become easily tangled in strong currents (especially where tree branches are involved!) and from there it's only a short step to someone being dragged under or trapped. We recommend either the Folding Knife from Typhoon or this Safety Lock Knife from Whitby. Both are easy to open with one hand, have a locking blade and basic rescue features and at such a low price, there's no reason not to carry one!

We've also got a folding saw from Whitby, for dealing with pesky branches and logs and there are some good rescue knives and tools in the relevent section of Tools and Lighting the Outdoor Gear Portal.


Environmental Responsibility

As an outdoor retailer we're aware that our business relies on the manufacturing, transportation and consumption of gear and related products. In an attempt to reduce our environmental impact, we're making a concious effort to implement sustainable change throughout the business. See what our store is doing and what some of the brands we carry are doing to make a difference.
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Sweet Promotion

Temporary overstock promotion on Sweet Protection helmets, get in quick before they go back to normal price! Sweet helmet sale includes Sweet Rocker, Rocker Fullface, Sweet Strutter and Sweet Wanderer with savings between 19 and 26% off RRP.
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Sweet Protection - The Iconic Logo!

Sweet Protection has had a classic logo since the launch of the Strutter all that time ago back in 1997. The Sweet Kayak helmet brand is well known for that big shiny "S". Sadly, this year it is going to change.
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