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£25.98 (inc Vat)
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Watersports Kayaking Airbags Airbag Split Stern Peak UK
Airbag Split Stern

The Peak UK Airbag Split Stern set, is a tough durable set of airbags that are ideal for white water kayaking. They are made from a nylon coated PVC. The seams have been welded and on the top of each bag there ...

£13.86 (inc Vat)
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Watersports Kayaking Airbags Kayak Heavy Weight Float Bag Palm
Kayak Heavy Weight Float Bag

The Palm Kayak heavy weight airbags are available in four different sizes. This will ensure that you can get the best possible fit for your kayak. They are made from a heavy weight abrasion resistant fabric (Ny...

£11.24 (inc Vat)
You save 13%
Watersports Kayaking Airbags Kayak Mid Weight Float Bag Palm
Kayak Mid Weight Float Bag

The Palm kayak mid weight airbag is available in three different size options. This ensures you get a good fit for your kayak. They are manufactured from woven patterned PVC. It is fairly tough and durable and ...

Kayak Airbags help keep your boat afloat if you take a swim. Without these, it becomes much more difficult for rescuers to catch, recover and empty your boat. It also decreases the likelyhood of damage to the kayak as it carries on down the river without you. Why risk it?

It's worth mentioning that when choosing float bags for your kayak it's best to go for a slightly bigger airbag. That way you aren't leaving any unused space in your kayak and have some airbag spare. So when you inflate in the early morning cold, the airbag won't burst as the day heats up. Ascending 1000ft up into the mountains for your summer Alpine paddle has been known to pop airbags too!

Most modern river kayaks have a rear central buoyancy pillar, this requires two airbags, one each side.

Our range includes the Peak UK Split Stern Airbags, which come as a pair of approximately 30l each. The other main option are the Palm Kayak Heavy Weight Float bags, These are available in four different sizes for the near perftect fit.  The Palm float bags are sold singularly. Both the Palm and the Peak UK bags are made from a PVC coated Nylon, making them fairly durable. A slighty less expensive option would be the Palm Mid Weight Kayak Float Bags, these are made from PVC. However they dont feature the Nylon to provide the abrasion resistance.

Don't forget the front of the boat too. In Kayaks with footrests, there is a space in front of them, which can fill with water, and if you've fill the back of the boat with airbags, then a paddlerless kayak can adopt a nose down position as it floats away from you. This means that the nose can impact with the bottom of the river, even on relatively minor features, can receive substantial damage. Small 15l airbags from the Palm Heavy Weight or Mid Weight ranges are perfect for this.

If you have any queries, please give us a call, or email for us to help you.


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