Dagger Nomad Creek


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Kayak for Creeks or Creeking Kayak

The Dagger Nomad is the boat of choice for top paddlers worldwide. To top it off the Great Dagger Nomad Creekboat.....just got better.

After 12 long years, the definitive creek kayak, the Dagger Nomad, has been redesigned and updated. Dagger took what you loved about the original Nomad, the forgiveness, the predictability, and the stability, and added modern creeking neccesities. The new Nomad has increased volume to stay on top of the burliest whitewater, reshaped decks to aid resurfacing, more rocker to keep the bow up, and more speed to carry past any drop. The large size is a full fledged big boy creek boat. Contour Ergo Outfitting adds strength, security, and comfort.

The Dagger Nomad is built with big creeks in mind. The safety step-out wall and aluminium grab handles featured mean that you can get out of any dangerous situations quickly. The addition of the Contour Ergo Outfitting adds strength, security and comfort for all day boating. Available in three sizes, the Dagger Nomad can sit small to larger creekers. 
If you are looking for a boat to run high grade white water, then look no further.

The new Nomad is ready for any whitewater adventure ... are you?

  • Contour Ergo Creek Outfitting
  • Ratchet Adjustable Backband
  • Tank Style Roto Molded Seating with Leg Lifter
  • Safety Step Out Wall
  • Contour Adjustable Bulkhead Foot Brace with Foam Padding
  • Precision Adjustable Thigh Braces
  • Multi-Adjustable, Contour Hip Pads
  • Security Grab Handles
  • ********
  • Specs
  • --------
  • Large
  • LENGTH:8' 11" / 271 cm
  • WIDTH:27" / 69 cm
  • COCKPIT LENGTH:34.5" / 88 cm
  • COCKPIT WIDTH:19" / 48 cm
  • DECK HEIGHT:15.25" / 39 cm
  • BOAT WEIGHT:51 lbs. / 23 kg
  • VOLUME:96 gal / 363 L
  • PADDLER WEIGHT:170 - 265 lbs. / 77 - 120 kg
  • --------
  • Medium
  • LENGTH:8' 6" / 259 cm
  • WIDTH:26.5" / 67 cm
  • COCKPIT LENGTH:34" / 86 cm
  • COCKPIT WIDTH:19" / 48 cm
  • DECK HEIGHT:15" / 38 cm
  • BOAT WEIGHT:47.5 lbs. / 21.5 kg
  • VOLUME:86 gal / 326 L
  • PADDLER WEIGHT:135 - 210 lbs. / 61 - 95 kg
  • --------
  • Small
  • LENGTH:8' 3" / 249 cm
  • WIDTH:25.75" / 65 cm
  • COCKPIT LENGTH:34" / 86 cm
  • COCKPIT WIDTH:19" / 48 cm
  • DECK HEIGHT:13.75" / 35 cm
  • BOAT WEIGHT:43.5 lbs. / 19.75 kg
  • VOLUME:73 gal / 275 L
  • PADDLER WEIGHT:90 - 170 lbs. / 41 - 77 kg


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