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£2.06 (inc Vat)
Watersports Kayaking Paddles Shrink Wrap Streamlyte
Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap is used on paddle shafts to give some protection from knocks and abrasion, as well as changing the grip properties. Place it over the shaft ( with a 2 piece or unassesmbled paddle, and use a hair dr...

£2.60 (inc Vat)
You save 11%
Watersports Kayaking Paddles Drip Rings Palm
Drip Rings

Replacement drip rings for aftermarket paddle build up.

£2.81 (inc Vat)
Watersports Kayaking Paddles Universal Drip Rings TNP
Universal Drip Rings

The TNP Universal Drip Rings can be attached to any paddle with a exterior diameter of between 28mm and 32mm.

£3.54 (inc Vat)
You save 11%
Watersports Kayaking Paddles Shrink Wrap & Grip Streamlyte
Shrink Wrap & Grip

This Paddle Grip is used on shafts that are round in cross section, to help give a ovalling or grip to the shaft, allowing more control by knowing where the paddle is facing.

£11.76 (inc Vat)
Watersports Kayaking Paddles Centre Spigot & Button Streamlyte
Centre Spigot & Button

A very useful item. You glue the spigot 1/2 way into the paddle shaft, line up the feather angle you require, and drill a hole in the other half for the connecting split spring. Can also be used to glue two par...

£29.00 (inc Vat)
You save 11%
Watersports Sea-and-Touring Paddles Drift Livery Palm
Drift Livery

The Palm Drift Livery is a basic entry level kayak paddle thats ideal for use with sit on top kayaks, toruing kayaks and basic recreational kayaks. It is available in a single size of 220cm long and is ideal fo...

£31.99 (inc Vat)
Watersports Kayaking Paddles STG Shaft Streamlyte
STG Shaft

A 100% glass construction which is relatively light, with a good flexibility.

£32.93 (inc Vat)
Watersports Kayaking Paddles Paddle Bag Werner
Paddle Bag

The Werner Paddle Bag is the perfect piece of kit to compliment any Werner sea kayak paddle. This paddle bag is well padded and will help to protect any split paddle against damage. It measures 140cm in length ...

£32.94 (inc Vat)
Watersports Polo Paddles HDG Shaft Streamlyte
HDG Shaft

A HDG (Heavy Duty Glass) paddle shaft that is ideal for replacing that one you have broken while blocking that last goal or running that last rapid.

£33.36 (inc Vat)
You save 12%
Watersports Kayaking Paddles Kayak Assymetric TNP
Kayak Assymetric

The TNP Kayak paddle is a basic entry level paddle that is tough and hardwearing. It is available in sizes that are suitable for both adults and children.

£35.17 (inc Vat)
You save 11%
Watersports Sea-and-Touring Paddles Drift Classic Palm
Drift Classic

The Palm Drift classis is a basic entry-level kayak paddle. Ideal for using with the sit on top kayaks and also touring kayaks. It features glass fibre reinforced polypropylene blades that are then mounted on a...

£43.97 (inc Vat)
You save 11%
Watersports Open-Canoeing Paddles Paddle Bag Palm
Paddle Bag

The Palm Paddle bag is available in three different sizes. They are suitable for Canoe Paddles, River Paddles and also Sea and Touring Paddles. Each bag is suitable for transporting up to 4 paddles. The bag is ...

Our massive range of paddles for experienced paddlers is mostly sourced from Werner. We find these American paddles exceptionally light, durable and high in performance. Playboaters will find plenty to get excited about with the Player, Sidekick and Twist, all designed to giver greater power, response and manoeuvrability . If river running is more your style, check out the Sherpa, Powerhouse, Shogun and Stikine. A variety of cranks, carbon blades, and build shapes are available with most models. For serious river running, the Streamlyte Freeride CXT is a strong contender, and fans of fine paddles will also want to check out the options from Robson. Pressure-moulded German engineering!

There's plenty for mid-range paddlers as well. The Carlisle CS2000 Whitewater and Werner Rio are particularly nice choices, and for beginners we have some reasonably priced, durable options from Lendal, Schlegel and TNP for adults and children. For more advanced kids, the Werner Amigo is a good option.

Paddlers with little hands, including some dainty ladies, might benefit from paddle grips to make holding and turn a shaft easier, and we have a full range of paddle bags, leashes and floats in the Paddle Accessories section.

As with all our kit, we can try to order for you specially if we haven't got what you want, and if you need advice on the best paddle for you, just let us know by phone or email!

Please note that postage for paddles over 149cm in length will be different from our normal quoted postage. This is because we can't send long items by the usual carrier services. Please click here to get guidline pricing for carriage.


Doug Scott Signed Prints Raffle for Cave and Mountain Rescue Teams

We are raffling two of Doug Scotts mounted and framed prints that have been signed by Doug and people such as Joe Brown, Chris Bonnington, George Band, and many more. It is in aid of the 5 South Wales Cave and Mountain Rescue Teams and also features outdoor goodies from the likes of Jottnar, Rab, Edelrid and Lowe Alpine. Tickets are £1 each and will be drawn in the New Year.
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Tootega Kayaks - Pulse 85 Hydrolite - Now Instock!

Tootega Kayaks, a British brand of sit on top kayaks, designed, evolved and manufactured in the UK. These guys currently produce some of the leading sit on top kayaks currently available. To show how they can take their products to new limits they have launched a new boat called the Pulse 85 Hydrolite. The Pulse 85 is an already proven design that gives great levels of performance. But this time they have managed to shave about 4kg off the weight! What more do you want?
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Jottnar Bergelmir only £270

Limited stock offer on the amazing Jottnar Bergelmir Neoshell mountaineers waterproof jacket. Down from £450 to only £270, you'd be silly to miss out. Sizes S in black and blue and L in black only.
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