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Werner Sherpa

Kayaking Paddle or Werner Paddle

The Werner Sherpa is a mid range kayak paddle that is ideal for white water, kayak surfing and also a bit of playboating. This model features a straight shaft, but there is also a cranked version, a carbon version and also a carbon crank. For those of you who like to carry splits, there is also a 4 piece split option.

Werner Paddles have designed the Sherpa to feature fibreglass blades that are made from a continuous weave glass fibre cloth. There are then mounted on a glass / carbon blend shaft. The Sherpa is available in a number of different lengths and also different feathers. They have then shaped the shaft to an oval where you grip it, this helps to make it easier to feel if you have got the paddles the correct way round when attempting an Eskimo roll.

  • Blades:-
  • Continuous Weave Glass Fibre.
  • Mid Sized Blades.
  • Blade area - 680 Square Cm.
  • Blade size - 46 x 19.5cm.
  • --------------------
  • Shaft:-
  • Fibreglass / Carbon Blend Shaft.
  • 4 Different Lengths.
  • 2 Different Diameters.
  • --------------------
  • General:-
  • Left or Rigth Handed Options.
  • 45 Degree Feather.
  • 30 Degree Feather.
  • --------------------
  • Size Recomendation:- For White Water River Running
  • Paddler Height / Paddle Length
  • 4'8" - 5'2" / 191
  • 5'2" - 5'8" / 194
  • 5'8" - 6'1" / 197
  • 6'1" + / 200


Palm Extrem

** Sale Item ** The Palm Extrem is a top end PFD that is ideal for white water kayaking. The design of the Extrem is based around a 3D cut and it is easily accessed through the front opening system. Palm have packed the extram with lots of features such as pockets for storage, a chest harness for land and water based rescue situations and also lots of adjustment so you can tailor it to fit what you are wearing on each day you paddle. The inside of the PFD is mesh lined for comfort while the rear internal pocket is ideal for a hydration system

HF Equipment Compact Alpin

20m x 10mm in HFs unique bucket style bag.

Werner Sherpa 4 Piece

The Sherpa is an exceptionally smooth and responsive river running design. Fits easily into boats or luggage.

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