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Paddle Sport Designs Clear Vis Faceguard

Face Guard or Canoe Polo Face Guard

The Paddle Sport Designs Clear Vis Face Guard is the perfect choice for all budding Polo stars out there. It is ideal for securing to Canoe and kayak helmets such as the Palm AP4000 and also the Wild Water Competition.

The clear vis is the more expensive of our two canoe polo helmet face guards, but it does have a much better level of visability, hence the name Clear Vis Faceguard. However it is still worth checking out the Palm Faceguard.

The Clear Vis faceguard is easily attached to either the Palm AP4000 or the Wild Water Competition Helmet by simply drilling three holes in the helmets and then bolting it on with the nuts and bolts that come supplied with it.

Paddle Sport Designs produce the Clear Vis in a sexy shade of black which also then contrasts well to the Wild Water Competition and also the Palm AP4000. Both of these canoe and kayak helmets come in a few different colours so they will contrast well with your canoe club or canoe polo club colours. Your team colours can then hopefully be matched to the extensive colour pallet that is offered by Peak UK for their custom made Peak UK Polo Pro Vest.  

  • Available in Black.
  • Ideal for use with Wild Water Competition Helmet.
  • Ideal for use with Palm AP4000 Helmet.
  • Easy to Secure to the helmet.
  • Fixing Nuts and Bolts Supplied.


Wild Water Competition

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Palm AP4000

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