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Playful Sea Kayak or Short Sea Kayak

The P & H Delphin is a plastic sea kayak that is available in two sizes. This is a playful sea kayak that is suitable for day trips, short expeditions and also playing the features along your local coast line.

P & H has designed the Delphin to be made from a 3 layer laminated plastic which is called "CoreLite" this is tough, durable and offers increased stiffness over a single layer plastic. The Delphin sea kayak is available in two sizes, the 150 is for paddlers in the 40-105 kg weight range, while the large 155 is perfect for paddlers in the 65-125 weight range.

The Delphin has been designed around a number of areas that make it a really versatile sea kayak. It is suitable for day trips, short expeditions and also playing the coast line, this is more commonly known as rock hopping. The mid-section of the kayak is fairly flat; this makes it super stable and also highly manoeuvrable. The front of the boat has plenty of volume which assists with lifting the boat over the wave and it also ensures that it resurfaces quickly, while the back of the boat has slightly lower volume and a flatter back deck. This makes it nice and easy for rolling. The rear of the Delphin does not have the traditional looks of many sea kayaks, as it’s quite square. However this does maintain a longer water length in a shorter sea kayak, the end result of this is greater forward speed. The Delphin "CoreLite" features a very comfortable cockpit layout which includes a padded seat with hip pads and a ratchet controlled backrest, the ratchets then mounts on the well-defined adjustable thigh braces which offer plenty of control, and finally there is a set of adjustable pedal footrests.

P & H have designed the kayak decks to offer as much as they possibly can however for the two sizes there are a few slight variations. Both of the Delphin sea kayaks features full array of deck elastics, side deck lines and the moulded in recess for a Silva 70P compass. The Delphin 150 then also incorporates a 24cm front kayak hatch, located just in front of the cockpit there is a smaller 15cm hatch while the rear deck then has a 42cm x 30cm oval storage hatch. The two main hatches are then separated from the main boat by foam bulkheads. When it comes to the Delphin 155 this offers the same arrangement but in addition to that it also features a rear 20cm day hatch just behind the cockpit.

  • General Features
  • --------------------
  • "CoreLite" construction
  • High volume bow to ride over waves
  • Low Volume back deck to assist with rolling
  • Flat mid section on the hull for stability
  • Flat mid section on the hull for manoeuvrability
  • Squared off stern to increase speed
  • Rear Drop down Skeg
  • Padded seat unit
  • Ratchet controlled backrest
  • Adjustable thigh braces
  • Foam bulkheads
  • Front and rear deck elastics
  • Front Silva 70P compass recess
  • Front and rear grab handles
  • --------------------
  • Delphin 150
  • 24cm Front Hatch
  • 15cm Front Day Hatch
  • 42cm x 30cm Rear Hatch
  • --------------------
  • Delphin 155
  • 24cm front hatch
  • 15cm front day hatch
  • 42cm x 30cm rear hatch
  • 20cm Rear day hatch
  • --------------------
  • Dimensions
  • --------------------
  • Delphin 150
  • Boat Length - 457cm
  • Boat Width - 55cm
  • Carrying Capacity - 40-105Kg
  • Boat Weight - 27Kg
  • Cockpit Size - 81 x 42cm
  • --------------------
  • Delphin 155
  • Boat Length - 485cm
  • Boat Width - 57cm
  • Carrying Capacity - 65-125Kg
  • Boat Weight - 28Kg
  • Cockpit Size - 81 x 42cm
  • --------------------


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