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Playful Sea Kayak or Custom Made Sea Kayaks

***Demo Model Available***

The P & H Aries is a custom made sea kayak that is designed and built here in the UK. This playful sea kayak is available in two sizes, the Aries 150 and also the Aries 155. They are ideal for exploring the coast line, playing on tidal races and also longer sea kayaking expeditions.

P & H has designed the Aries to sit alongside its plastic counterpart, the P & H Delphin. The Aries is available in a number of different constructions; this gives you the opportunity to achieve the perfect level of performance, weight and budget. With kayaks such as the Aries, you also get to choose custom options such as deck colour, hull colour, keel strips, side seams, custom bulkheads, footrest option and also things such as bilge pumps.

The Aries sea kayak has a large rocker and this makes it highly manoeuvrable, the rear of the kayak does not carry the same traditional looks as its cut quote square, this then helps to maintain the speed of the kayak while keeping it at a shorter length than other options. The rear of the kayak also is home to the retractable kayak skeg that is controlled from the side of the cockpit. The bow of this playful sea kayak has plenty of volume and is also flared to ensure that it lifts well through a wave, the mid-section of the kayak is fairly flat but the front of the boat is well chinned so it will help to carve turns. The deck of the Aries then features a full array of kayak deck elastics and also located towards the bow of the kayak is a moulded in recess that is suitable for a Silva 70P compass.

P & H has designed the Aries 155 to feature a 4 hatch configuration; the front of the kayak has a 24cm bow hatch and also a 15cm day pod hatch just in front of the cockpit. The rear deck then incorporates a 20cm rear day hatch and a 42cm x 30cm oval hatch. The Aries 150 is generally the same; however there is not enough space for the rear oval hatch so this is then fitted as a second round 24cm hatch.

The Aries sea kayak also falls into the category of boats that is ideal for adding a kayak sailing rig to. The sailing rig is best ordered at the time of production as this then enables you to also have the front dagger board fitted. While this does reduce some of the space in the foot area of the kayak it does ensure that you have better control for when you are tacking and sailing across the wind.

Please check out the "Custom Build" section of the website to tempt you with some of the options.  

  • General Features
  • --------------------
  • Available for Demo in the Aries 155
  • --------------------
  • Custom Made Sea Kayaks
  • --------------------
  • 2 Size Options
  • Aries 150
  • Aries 155
  • --------------------
  • 6 Construction options
  • Performance Diolen
  • - Basic Glass / Diolen Construction
  • Lightweight Performance Diolen
  • - Basic Glass - Diolen Construction in a lighter weight
  • Lightweight Kevlar Diolen Hybrid
  • - A Lightweight Glass / Diolen Construction featuring Kevlar
  • Expedtion Diolen
  • - A Heavy Duty Diolen Hull with a reinforced Diolen Deck, 35mm Wide Outside Seam and a Kevlar Keel Strip
  • Lightweight Kevlar Carbon
  • - Lighweight Kevlar Carbon hull with a glass deck and a 20cm glass reinforced outside seam
  • Lightweight Kevlar Carbon with a Clear Hull
  • - Lightweight Kevlar Carbon hull with a clear finish, a lightweight glass and kevlar deck with a 20cm glass reinforced outside seam.
  • --------------------
  • Custom Colour options
  • Metallic Colour Options
  • Side Seam Line Options
  • Keel Strip Options
  • 2 Seat Options
  • Custom Bulkhead Options
  • Skeg Options
  • Rudder Options
  • Footrest Options
  • Silva 70P Option
  • Towline Mounting Point Option
  • Pump Options
  • --------------------
  • Wide Planing Hull
  • Smooth Chines
  • Plenty of Rocker
  • Squared off Stern for greater forward speed
  • Low back deck and cockpit for easy rolling
  • --------------------
  • Aries 150
  • 24cm Front Hatch
  • 15cm Front Day Hatch
  • 24cm Rear Hatch
  • 20cm Rear Day Hatch
  • --------------------
  • Aries 155
  • 24cm front hatch
  • 15cm front day hatch
  • 42cm x 30cm rear hatch
  • 20cm Rear day hatch
  • --------------------
  • Dimensions
  • --------------------
  • Aries 150
  • Boat Length - 466cm
  • Boat Width - 56cm
  • Carrying Capacity - 40-105Kg
  • Boat Weight in Diolen - 23Kg
  • Boat Weight in Carbon / Kevlar - 22Kg
  • Boat Weight in Lightweight Carbon / Kevlar - 21kg
  • Clear Hull Weight Reduction - 1Kg
  • Cockpit Size - 81 x 42cm
  • --------------------
  • Aries 155
  • Boat Length - 485cm
  • Boat Width - 57cm
  • Carrying Capacity - 65-125Kg
  • Boat Weight in Diolen - 25Kg
  • Boat Weight in Carbon / Kevlar - 24.5Kg
  • Boat Weight in Lightweight Carbon / Kevlar - 23.5kg
  • Clear Hull Weight Reduction - 1Kg
  • Cockpit Size - 81 x 42cm
  • --------------------


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