Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100


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A Versatile Sit On Top Kayak

The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 is the one of the most popular sit on top kayaks ever produced. It is ideal for gentle coastal exploration and also some gentle surfing. For longer trips along the coast have a look at the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 and Tarpon 140. However if you are looking for a sit on top kayak for surfing have a look at the Ocean Kayak Mysto, Feel Free Nomad or the Tootega Pulse. While the Tarpon 100 is perfect for exploring the coast, it is equally happy and also an ideal choice of sit on top kayak for gentle river cruises.

Bearing all this in mind Wilderness Systems have loaded the Tarpon 100 with lots of features which are detailed below.

The boat is easily man handled on and off the river via the front, rear and also side grab handles. For ease of getting it ot the waters edge it may be worth looking at the Eckla Sit on Top Trolley or the C-Tug Trolley. On the front of the kayak there is a 8" orbix hatch that gives very easy access to the inside of the hull for the storage of a drybag. The back support for the paddler is then enhanced with the addition of a set of fully adjustable keepers footbraces, the foot area of the sit on top also incorporates the first of the scupper drain holes which ensure that the boat self drains when water gets into the cockpit area. If required it is possible that the scupper drain holes can be pluged with the Scupper Plugs to prevent the water coming in. The mid section of the boat then features a second 8" orbix hatch for further storage. On each side of the kayak adjacent to the side grab handles there is also a paddle park that is ideal for holding your paddle while you do your bit of fishing!

The seat unit of the Tarpon 100 is known as phase 3 seating, this basically offers some of the most advanced seating that is currently offered in the world of kayaking. Firstly the seat unit is very heavily padded for great levels of comfort, secondly the seat unit also has a height adjustment system that offers support to the legs and finally there is a fold down back rest that also has the ability to be adjusted to offer more or less support to varying heights of the paddlers back.

At the rear of the boat there is a moulded tankwell that is perfect for maybe a drybag with your lunch, however this could also be used for the safe transportation of a mask, snorkel and fins fo a bit of coastal Snorkelling.

The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 is also very well suited for kayak fishing. While it does not come in a angling spec as per the Tarpon 120 Angler, we do sell a vast range of fishing rod holders from Scotty. The Scotty Baitcaster would be ideal for a front rod holder while the Sealect Designs Flush Mount would be pefect for the rear for trawling lines. You could also then look at the addition of the Watertrail Anchor Trolley which is the ideal starting point for creating an anchor system.

The Tarpon 100 also comes fitted with the Slide Trax System on the front of the boat parallel to the foot rests, it also features at the rear of the boat either side of the moulded in tank well. This then offers you the opportunity to buy extra fittings such as the Slide Trax Dashboard, Sideboard and the slide trax tie downs. Again with the addtion of these it will help with the fitting of rod holders such as the Scotty Powerlock rod holder.

  • Cup Holder.
  • Adjustable Footrests.
  • Multi Adjustment Seat Unit.
  • Front and Rear Grab Handles.
  • Side Carry Handles.
  • Self Draining Cockpit.
  • 2 x 8" Orbix hatches.
  • --------------------
  • Boat Length - 305cm
  • Boat Width - 77cm
  • Carry Capacity - 147Kg
  • Boat Weight - 25Kg


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