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Walking Boots Products

£40.18 (inc Vat)
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Outdoor Footwear Walking-Boots Astun Boreal

From walking to school in bad weather to trekking or hiking, this premium quality waterproof split leather with Dry-Line® FLS for absolute waterproofness and stay cool breathability. Dual density sole, padded t...

£40.18 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Outdoor Footwear Walking-Boots Aspen Girls Boreal
Aspen Girls

Designed specifically to appeal to girls, this boot is waterproof and breathable, and tough enough for the hills.

£44.63 (inc Vat)
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Outdoor Footwear Walking-Boots Aspen Boreal

£44.63 (inc Vat)
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Outdoor Footwear Walking-Boots Nevada Boreal

Special Offer £70.99 (inc Vat)
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Outdoor Footwear Walking-Boots Trail Contour

RRP £89.99, Sale price £70.99 whilst stocks last. The men's Contour Trail is a fabric/suede 2/3 season walking boot with a Hydroban™ waterproof breathable membrane lining,ideal for easy strolls and dog walking

Special Offer £79.50 (inc Vat)
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Outdoor Footwear Walking-Boots Nevada Contour

RRP £99.99 Sale Offer £79.50. Men's light weight (1200g) walking boot, providing instant comfort. The supple calf leather upper is lined with a Hydroban™ waterproof and breathable membrane. Ideal for ramblers a...

£81.59 (inc Vat)
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Outdoor Footwear Walking-Boots Centre Boot 1 Up and Under
Centre Boot 1

£81.59 (inc Vat)
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Outdoor Footwear Walking-Boots Ravine WP Hi Tec
Ravine WP

The Hi Tech Ravine is a lightweight, waterproof boot, ideal for simple walks round the coast and forest trails, yet they can take you up the mountains when you want to go that extra mile. It is an Italian desig...

£81.59 (inc Vat)
You save 9%
Outdoor Footwear Walking-Boots Ravine WP Women's Hi Tec
Ravine WP Women's

The Hi Tech Ravine is a lightweight, waterproof boot, ideal for simple walks round the coast and forest trails, yet they can take you up the mountains when you want to go that extra mile. It is an Italian desig...

£92.00 (inc Vat)
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Outdoor Footwear Walking-Boots Ws Firetail Evo Wmns Salewa
Ws Firetail Evo Wmns

The Salewa Firetail Evo is a lightweight walking shoe ideally suited for those that like to move quickly in the hills.

Special Offer £99.00 (inc Vat)
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Outdoor Footwear Walking-Boots X Ultra Mid GTX Salomon
X Ultra Mid GTX

RRP £130 Sale price £99.00 while stocks last. The X Ultra Mid GTX is a lightweight mid height walking shoe for easy trails and for people who like to walk fast and light.

£102.42 (inc Vat)
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Outdoor Footwear Walking-Boots Centre Boot 2 Up and Under
Centre Boot 2

We do sell waterproof lined footwear (e.g. GoreTex lined boots) but we are still keen to sell quality leather boots for hill and mountain use. Boot technology has made huge advances in recent years, but leather is a worthwhile material given it's durability and the lovely way it moulds to your feet.

Lightweight fabric boots with waterproof linings on the inside are certainly lightweight when dry, however, they have to absorb a lot of water before it reaches the membrane and then they're not so lightweight unless you keep them well treated. Having said this we are very happy with the carefully chosen ranges.

What do you want from your walking boot?

  1. Protection for your feet from the terrain and conditions under foot
  2. and comfort, no matter how far you walk.

What do you need to achieve this?

To protect your feet you need a good sole unit which will provide grip on a variety of surfaces and at the same time provide plenty of support for your foot and lots of shock absorption. The upper needs to keep water out for as long a period as possible but it also needs to breathe well to reduce overheating and foot swelling, which will alter the fit of the boot and can produce blistering. The upper should also provide protection for the foot and ankle when used on rugged terrain, especially scree.

To improve comfort beyond that which has gone before; the sole must be soft enough to not make walking hard work on the foot, but it must also have enough body to stop you feeling any pebbles underfoot and provide enough rigidity for periods of hard uphill work. Light weight is also very important.

For the 4 season walker, stiffer soles are needed for support when standing on small rocky holds when scrambling and for kicking steps into hard snow. Flexible crampons may well be needed for periods of walking on neve or ice. Thicker leather also provides more protection from the abrasive effects of snow, will give more protection when scrambling and will enable crampon straps to be cranked down tighter without cutting off circulation. Via Ferrata routes also require a good stiff sole.

"1-2 season"/ gentle terrain use: At the gentler end of the walking scale we find grassy and well pathed regions such as the Brecon Beacons, Howgills, North Yorks Moors, coastal paths etc. Here the importance of comfort, light weight and waterproofness are paramount. These boots have traditionally been called 1 or 2 season boots but the use of the word season can be very misleading.

It is often and sometimes wrongly thought that in such cases fabric boots will provide the best option. Whilst we do sell waterproof lined fabric footwear, these generally have the waterproofing next to the foot, so that there is a lot of material ready to soak up water before the membrane is reached. This can lead to wet, heavy boots. It must also be remembered that while GoreTex is a breathable material, it will still make your feet sweat. If the boot is wet or muddy, the breathability will be reduced further. On top of this, the membrane is next to the foot, so it has to take a lot of wear and tear, which membranes are not very good at (you can puncture your boots membrane in the first ten minutes of use), and therefore their life expectancy is minimal.

However, fabric boots do still have a place in walking. In dry, easy conditions, they can be a lightweight and comfortable option. We carry the Asolo Fugitive and Brasher Towa for men, and the Asolo Stynger, Mammut Impact and Meindl Jamaica for women, and the Scarpa ZG65 in two styles to suit both. Runners after extra ankle support and waterproofing should have a look at the suberbly light Inov8 Roclite 390 GTX. This boot may also be of interest to walkers after the lightest of light options. Some other low and mid ankle boots can be found with the Approach and Travel shoes.

We feel that full grain lightweight leather boots such as the Scarpa Ranger and Zamberlan Trekker Lite and the women's Zamberlan Ultra lite provide the best for those operating at the gentler end of the walking scale. It should be noted, however, that such boots can be used occasionally on more rugged terrain such as that found in Snowdonia and the Lake District.

"3 season"/rugged terrain use: For those walking most of the year in more rugged terrain, such as off the path in the Lakes, Snowdonia and Scotland you will still want low weight, but most people will benefit from a boot with firmer toe and lateral flex to give the foot more support.

Once again, leather is the best option, providing the highest levels of protection and durability. The Zamberlan Skill GT, super-comfortable and supportive Meindl Borneo Pro, Mammut Mt. Crest LTH are boots targetted at this sort of use. These are boots with a firm flex and traditionally have been called "3 season boots".

To be fair it is possible to use more flexible footwear as described in the section above in rugged terrain also though this demands more skillful foot placement and experience and will be dependent on the rucksack weight being carried.

And so the Asolo Stynger, Asolo Fugitive and Brasher Towa may also worth a look as these are certainly not "bendy boots" and may give you the support you require.

"4 season"/ rugged terrain use. For those that are heavy on their boots, scramble a lot and will not be deterred by snow on the hills.

Once again full-grain leather, but in this case a stiff sole will hit the spot. Check out the Scarpa SL .

Some people wanting to maybe occassionally cross from walking into easy winter climbs and summer Alpinism might do well to look at Scarpa's Manta M4, or Charmoz, and La Sportiva's Trango S Evo. The latter two are much lighter but will be less durable; but a great choice for fast ascents, Via Ferrata, Cuillin ridge scrambles and the like! These can be found on the Mountain Boot page.

Remember: get the boot that suits what you do the majority of the time, not the one that suits for a small percentage of the time and is overkill for both your feet and the terrain you walk the rest of the time.


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